Compass Health medical devices provide assistance for walking and promote your safety with electrodes and EMS devices. The company is a leader in simple and effective products, and Compass Health assisted walking supplies are known for the company’s consistently high standards embedded in all of its innovative products. All walkers and back braces can easily be adjusted to achieve a perfect fit regardless of your size or abilities. Our walkers can fold easily to save room in medical office storage or when travelling in a car. Compass Health braces are a good choice for anyone seeking a nonintrusive, secure back brace to support various upper, mid or lower back issues.

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Electrode – Foil – 1.25 – Tan Cloth


Compass Health Back Brace


Reusable Tan Cloth Electrode, Foil Pack 2″x2″


Conductive Gel 2oz.


InTENSity IF Combo TENS and Interferential Combo


InTENSity Twin Stim IV


InTENSity Select Combo 4 waveforms TENS- EMS- IF- Micro


Wrist Brace, Universal Size, Ambidextrous, Cock-Up Wrist Splint, 7.25″ long


Ultra TENS II- TENS/Ultrasound Combo w/ Gel- AC Adapter


InTENSity 2nd Generation Select Combo II – TENS/NMES/IF/Russian


InTENSity 10 Digital TENS with 10 PreSet Programs- Easy to Use


Professional Portable Ultrasound 3 Times Stronger with pre-heat and continuous mode.