In business for over 12 years, the team at has been fitting patients for medical supports and braces since day one. That familiarity with the fitting process has given us the hands-on knowledge and expertise many other brace providers simply can’t match, and it allows us to understand how varied, personal and complex pain and healing are from person to person. We’re a team of certified fitters, ensuring every person in need of a medical brace finds what will help them heal quickly, correctly and comfortably.

At, you’ll find a selection of medical sports braces, joint support braces, spinal braces and durable medical equipment to treat any ailment you may have. We specialize in braces for the back and neck but also offer a selection of braces for knees, elbows and other joints. Whether you’re a patient looking for an affordable, reliable brace or a medical professional interested in providing a quality product for your patients, we carry the very best. Contact us with questions or concerns, and enjoy free shipping on your order over $75!


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