For comfortable, quick relief of back pain, a lumbar support belt is a great option to prevent injuries and finish off the recovery process. We carry back braces for lumbar support from trusted brands such as Aspen, Össur and Compass designed to comfortably fit a wide range of waist sizes. For low-level pain, consider the SI belt from Aspen. Despite its small size, this belt’s pull-tab system allows for a high level of customized compression to relieve pain at the waist. Slightly larger-profile lower back support belts, such as the Horizon or FormfitⓇ braces, provide more motion restriction and a wider range of compression. Both of these braces are designed to stay in place and allow comfortable breathability while maintaining structure to restrict motion.

Lower back support belts are a favorite of patients for their simple, low-profile design, and they’re a favorite of professionals for their collapsible, small frame that doesn’t take up much inventory space. Additionally, they’re a great option for preventive care and those final stages of recuperation.

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Aspen Horizon 627


Compass Health Back Brace


Aspen Evergreen 627 Lumbar, Adjustable


Aspen Evergreen 621 SI


Aspen Vista 627 Lumbar