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In-House Bracing Tips

In-House Bracing Tips

Many offices are looking for ways to capture revenue and simplify their patients’ experiences by offering “in-house” bracing services. Instead of relying on an outside company to supply patients with bracing and supplies, physicians’ offices can streamline the experience for their patients and offer those items right in the office. Not only does that provide additional income for the office, but patients enjoy the convenience of going home with an item that will immediately ameliorate their discomfort – increasing patient satisfaction!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as your office establishes DME services:

  1. Find a “one-stop-shop” provider. You need a wide variety of different products to offer your patients. It can be painful managing multiple suppliers and sales reps. In other words, you want fewer vendors and more products.
  2. Inventory accountability. The only way to lose money is to provide a brace that you don’t get paid for. It’s that simple! Secure your inventory and track all deliveries.
  3. Cash-only products like Biofreeze can be great products to offer patient. It adds revenue and patients like going home with something.
  4. Know your coding! It’s easy to look up products. L codes can be looked up here.

Additional revenue and greater patient convenience and satisfaction are worth the extra effort of outfitting your office with DME products and services. Following these simple tips will make that effort count! Contact us if you have questions or concerns.

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