Aspen Horizon Pro : Is it worth it?

We got our first look at the Aspen Horizon Pro, and I’ve fit about 20 patients with this brace now.  

Things I like

  1. Looks great.
  2. Pull tabs are more flexible and contour to the brace when placed down.
  3. Pulley systems appear to be tucked back and less visible.

Things I don’t like

  1. When adjusting the brace’s width, the loop near the pulley system has aggressive teeth that make it hard to slide and adjust.
  2. Pockets created to assist with donning the brace do not lay flat.

Overall, it’s an excellent brace. Not sure if the premium in price is worth it. For most people, I would stick with the “Classic” Horizon. However, if money is no issue, then go ahead and bump up to the Pro.

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