ActiveWrap all-in-one ice pack and heat wraps are reusable, versatile and built for everyday use. ActiveWrap ice and heat wraps are designed to treat a range of physical ailments such as shoulder pain, knee pain, lower back pain, carpal tunnel and more. Designed with hidden pockets to place packs, ActiveWrap reusable wraps are uniquely formulated. The ActiveWrap design allows for the wearer to adjust the degree of heat and cold while wearing. This allows for direct and deep penetration of heat and cold to injured areas, making ActiveWrap ideal to use for cold compression therapy immediately following an injury and as heat therapy to help relieve pain, increase circulation and speed up recovery. ActiveWrap reusable heat and ice packs are leakproof, lightweight, adjustable and easy to self-apply. ActiveWrap is convenient and mess-free for treating injuries and pain relief.

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ActiveWrap Hip Ice & Heat Packs/Wraps (All-In 1)


ActiveWrap Heated Back Wrap/Ice Pack for Back (All in 1)


ActiveWrap Heat | Ice Pack XL Size


ActiveWrap Heat & Ice Knee Wrap & Packs (All-in-1)


ActiveWrap Wrist Ice Packs & Heated Wrist Wrap


ActiveWrap Shoulder Ice & Heat Wraps/Packs (All-in-1)


ActiveWrap Ankle & Foot Packs/Wraps (Ice & Heat)


ActiveWrap Heat | Ice Packs LG Size


ActiveWrap Heat | Ice Packs SM Size


ActiveWrap Elbow Wraps: Ice & Heat Packs (All-in-1)- S-M


ActiveWrap Elbow Wraps: Ice & Heat Packs (All-in-1)- L-XL